Sahaya Society

Sahaya provides an opportunity to individuals who want to make a
positive impact in the society by empowering, enriching and encouraging
under-priviliged school going children.

About us

Sahaya is a network of enthusiastic young volunteers, with an average age of 22. In a span of five years, what initially began as a simple idea by a group of 6 engineering students soon turned into a well-organized network of over 150 volunteers with a single minded goal to help the less privileged kids improve their life skills and other necessary skills such as English, Computer Skills and Communication skills.

The founders of Sahaya noticed that there were thousands of kids around them who were very enthusiastic to learn, but lacked the necessary guidance and finances. The proposed solution was to 'adopt' a school and teach the children and encourage them in their scientific and artistic endeavors.

Who we are

We are proud to say that the Sahaya family has now adopted over eight schools and is teaching to over 2500 kids across three districts in Andhra Pradesh. As Sahaya began to gain popularity, we began receiving help from the student and working community in Hyderabad.

Project Library, a prestigious project where we managed to collect over 4000 books wouldn’t have been possible without the help of them.


Currently we work in 8 schools in and around Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh with over 150 volunteers, teaching 2500 children.

Simple idea

1 School, 6 Members

Sahaya began in 2008 with a simple idea. Implementation of this simple idea was slightly more complex. Principal of the Government school MEDAK opened his doors and the sahaya activates had found its first space. we motivated few of our classmates and formed a team of 6 members, convincing them that "together we can make a difference". With volunteers, children's in Govt School, the next question became what to teach. The team met on one day and thought of all the issues and troubles they faced when they were in school. The first very basic program emerged from these meetings - career guidance, general awareness and fun filled education.

Our aim

A good time for the children - was clear. A good time that would make a difference.

So we started

Formed a core group of individuals with the experience and interest to work for the society. Each individual has also been allocated different spheres of responsibility and is accountable for the same. We made a presentation to students from different colleges in various fests, inviting them to join our cause. From this meet many students expressed interest in joining us.

We organized a training session for our volunteers, in which we gave them an idea about what areas to cover in class, tips on how to handle students and how to interact with them in a better manner. By then we were a network with over 50 active trainers, helping more than two thousand children across eight government schools to improve their communication skills and English.

Laying The Foundation

With the experience we formulate our own syllabus in English and prepare the students for the use of computers in learning. Our first module, language awareness is now completed in most of schools and our children have reached a stage where computers can be successfully incorporated into their learning process.

By then we were working in 6 schools in and around Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh with over 80 volunteers, teaching 1500 children. From 2008 through 2010 we have organized around 6 events involving all the kids.

Books to Basics

Driven by the thirst of knowledge in the kids, we set out to start Libraries with books that are donated from various people. On November 14th 2011, we started 3 libraries in 3 of our schools with more than 500 books in each library.

Expanding the horizon

In addition to conducting events that bring out the talent of kids, we started organizing field trips for children, showing them the wide range of opportunities they have, once they complete schooling.

What We Do

Our programs

Communicative English

Communicative English includes reading, writing, and speaking skills developed through a five-level, five-year program where volunteers spend two hours each week teaching a detailed, instruction-based curriculum.

Basic Computers

Basic Computer Skills is a hands-on program that exposes students in grades 6-10 to a quality education in basic computer skills and Internet applications.

Essential Life Skills

Essential Life Skills is a program that focuses on everything from personal hygiene to career guidance to personality development. We also teach art classes (SAHAYA art world) and organize science fair.


Occasional Events include sports, essay writing, drawing, and elocution events that teach themes that range from motivation and leadership to team- and confidence-building.

Join us

Do you want to make a difference by joining us at Sahaya? Tell us a bit about yourself and register to join! We can't wait to have you on board!

Thank you

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